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  • Perfect as a sweet treat or in homemade trail mix
  • Smooth dark chocolate with soft fruit-flavored centers
  • Made with a blend of açai-berry, blueberry, and other select fruit juices
  • A certified kosher candy
  • Includes 4 bags of BROOKSIDE Dark Chocolate Açai and Blueberry Flavors Candy (7-Ounce bags)

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Product Description

Brookside Dark Chocolate Açai and Blueberry Flavors Candy, 7-Ounce Bags
Brookside Dark Chocolate Açai and Blueberry Flavors Candy, 7-Ounce Bags

Brookside Chocolatiers have artfully blended exotic fruit juices & flavors from around the world to create the ultimate chocolate experience. Each piece is the perfect combination of smooth dark chocolate covering soft centers made with the flavors of açai and blueberries, to create another perfect pairing from Brookside.

Discover the Amazing Taste of Brookside Dark Chocolate
  • You deserve some pampering: turn on soothing music, put your feet up, and indulge in a handful of these decadent chocolates
  • For a special touch, cut Brookside Dark Chocolate Açai Candy in halves and sprinkle some on top of your favorite yogurt
  • Make gift baskets pop with a gourmet assortment of cheeses, tapas, and a bag of Brookside Dark Chocolate
About Brookside Chocolate

Brookside Farms was founded in 1954 in British Columbia’s Fraser Valley. In the late 1960s, Brookside began its evolution to a confectionary company. Over the next several years, Brookside artisans worked to craft the finest chocolate recipes, using old world traditions. In doing so, they developed a patented technology to create soft fruit flavored centers covered in smooth dark chocolate. Brookside soft sweetened centers dipped in luscious dark chocolate provide an intriguing texture and exotic taste. Try them in Açai and Blueberry flavors, Pomegranate and Fruit flavors, and Goji and Raspberry flavors.

From the Amazon rain forest comes the origin of Açai berry flavor wrapped in smooth dark chocolate. When paired with blueberry flavored centers, these sweets become truly unforgettable. Treat your friends and family to this luxurious blend of flavors, elevate snack mixes and home-baked desserts, or introduce your home to the extraordinary taste of BROOKSIDE Dark Chocolate Acai and Blueberry Flavors Candy

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