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This is the AccuRC Precision Flight Simulator. AccuRC isn't just a simulator - it's a complete modelling experience! Designed to give you the pleasure of owning, configuring and flying real models, every aircraft is accurately detailed and can be configured to meet your own requirements. Use the 'Workbench' to examine your aircraft - this allows you to see the control system working, tune your models, swap out components, change color schemes and change the settings of electronic devices such as gyros and flybarless controllers. And you're not limited to one set-up per model! You can have several copies, each one set up differently. AccuRC lets you enjoy a fantastic level of realism using Nvidia PhysX Technology alongside a custom written aerodynamics engine - it's like the real thing! Features: FuSES©: Full System and Environment Simulation (FuSES ©) is how AccuRC describes the recreation of the entire RC component and control system from transmitter output to control sur...

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