Flying remote control helicopters is a great way relieve stress and be entertained by where you can fly the helicopter; however they do require some patience, good eye and hand coordination and practice. After taking the helicopter from the box, the first step is to read the instruction manual and make sure that it is intact. When purchasing a RC helicopter, it is best to find one that has at least four channels with adequate backup or technical support to call on if you need to do so. Some of the best remote control helicopters are manufactured by companies in Britain.

Learning how to fly RC helicopters is not extremely hard but there are a few basic facts to keep in mind. The remote control helicopters are controlled by radio waves; with the lift powered by the way the helicopter blades turn against the air and the direction is controlled by the pitch or direction of the tail rotor. One good idea is to have an experienced flyer help when you are starting to fly RC helicopters because he or she can give you tips on the best way to master the tiny tricks that make you a better flyer and able to handle flying the radio controlled helicopter in a faster amount of time.


The importance of making sure the connections on your RC helicopter all are correctly wired and tightened cannot be stressed too much, without the proper tension, the helicopter won't fly correctly and or can crash, bringing a halt to your hobby for a while. It is best to search for repair instructions and spare parts if they are not included with your kit. It is best to follow a checklist whenever you are learning how to fly your radio controlled helicopter; this is where doing everything the same for set up and starting will keep you and your helicopter safe.


To control the RC helicopter, you need to be able to operate the collective and rudder at the same time; both of them act together to make your helicopter move up, down, sideways, forwards and backwards. If you have a person helping you, you can use the buddy system which enables the instructor to explain and show how to fly the RC helicopter. To make the radio controlled helicopter, the controller on the left is the throttle, it controls how high or fast the helicopter is going, the right controller is used to control direction.


It is better to practice doing small maneuvers at first, before venturing into more challenging areas. Many people who are in the process of learning how to fly radio controlled helicopters invest in a simulator to help them learn how to maneuver, a crash on the simulator is much cheaper then crashing your RC helicopter outdoors, then having to pay for expensive parts to repair the helicopter. Flying remote controlled helicopters is a great way to spend time outdoors and making the helicopter hover and dive or do acrobatics. Keep practicing and find other people who enjoy flying RC helicopters as well as watching video or DVD's to improve your skills and your will have a lifelong hobby to entertain and amuse yourself and those around who will want to learn how to fly RC helicopters.


Nicole Roberts


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